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An man in a wheelchair boarding a bus using a chair lift.

Accessibility & Transport

From coordinating transportation to ensuring your guests enjoy barrier-free access to the best of Saskatoon, there are plenty of details to consider when planning your upcoming event. 

Thankfully, we’ve made this whole process a little easier, with a helpful roundup of local transit options, transportation services, and up-to-date accessibility info to make your time here in Saskatoon a breeze.

Transportation Services

Looking for transportation services for your upcoming event in Saskatoon? Our experienced local partners can help your attendees get from point A to point B with efficiency, comfort, and style.

Captain Taxi Ltd

901 1st Ave N
Saskatoon SK S7K 1Y4

Riide – Cars

225 Avenue B North
Saskatoon SK S7L 1E1

Prestige Car Service

225 Avenue B North
Saskatoon SK S7L 1E1

Provincial Car Service – SLT Provincial Car Service
Provincial Car Service

Saskatoon SK

A red car parked on the side of a street lined with stores that have patio tables out front

Getting Around

Discover Saskatoon with confidence with helpful information on public transit, taxis, rideshare, bike rentals, and beyond.


Explore barrier-free transit options, ASA-compliant accommodations, and a wealth of helpful resources on accessibility in Saskatoon.