Discover Saskatoon
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Saskatoon is a destination of discovery — a thriving urban centre on the doorstep of wide-open spaces, sunny skies, and awe-inspiring natural wonder. 

Our city is a place where connections are made, kinship ties strengthened, and inspiring new stories are waiting to be told.

The Discover Saskatoon team is passionate about and dedicated to sharing these remarkable stories with the world. We help journalists, bloggers, travel writers, editors, photographers, and influencers to craft compelling content that captures the spirit of the city we know and love.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go #Saskatooning!

Meet Our Team

Get to know one of the sunniest cities in Canada from the folks who know it best. Our experienced team of travel and tourism professionals is here to help bring your next Saskatoon story to life.

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Darby Sutherland

Manager, Earned Media

[email protected]

Media Request Form

Planning a media visit to Saskatoon? Request assistance for your visit, from image assets and b-roll to relevant contacts and coverage of travel expenses. Please note that all media requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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