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Welcome to the Cities in Sync program

We invite you to explore our collaborative and progressive approach to hosting your event the Cities in Sync way.

Cities in Sync (CIS) is a partnership between St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and Victoria British Columbia. We take the collaborative approach to provide groups like yours a cohesive cross country, uniquely Canadian experience. 

CIS Advantages: 

  • Talented destination teams collaborating to provide you seamless destination services in all three cities. 
  • One Stop Shopping – Work with one CIS representative to receive information and support for all three cities.

     o We work together to provide you one customised cloud-based bid that includes proposals and destination information on venues, hotels, dining, experiences and more for all 3 cities. 

    o Post conference we share with the next CIS destination the successes and opportunities to improve so that you are one step ahead each year with the next team prepared to work with you. • Bid Incentives are customised to meet your needs. 

  • Time Saver – In the same time it takes to source 1 destination you will have 3 destinations ready to present to your decision makers. 

The CIS Program: How it Works 

Do you have an event or conference that rotates across Canada? Then CIS is for you. 

  1. Choose the year you would like to host your event in each of the CIS cities. They do not need to be consecutive or in the same year. 
  2. Send your RFP and chosen years to Jenny Dao [email protected]
  3. The three CIS leads, David, Nancy & Jenny will work together to deliver your customized CIS Bid. 
  4. Review your all-encompassing CIS Bid and move forward to contracts on your time. 
  5. Incentives will be activated as you book each destination.
David Stempowski
Nancy Bradshaw CMP

Business Development Manager
Destination St. John’s
[email protected]

Cities in Sync