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Discover Saskatoon
Code of ethics

Code of Ethics

Membership with Discover Saskatoon requires that each member, company, or association adhere to our Members’ Code of Ethics.

As a Discover Saskatoon member I/we undertake to:

  • Provide visitors with prompt, exceptional services
  • Treat all members and staff in a respectful and courteous manner
  • Support the goals and strategic objectives of the organization
  • Provide safe, well-maintained facilities and equipment
  • Provide visitors with accurate, up-to-date information on products, services, and attractions available in Saskatoon
  • Promote environmental sustainability in products and services and adhere to all applicable municipal, provincial, and federal laws
  • Handle all inquiries, requests, transactions, correspondence, and complaints in a prompt, fair, and courteous manner
  • Maintain current, accurate promotional materials regarding facilities, services, and amenities, and advise visitors in a timely manner if and when you are unable to provide the standard of service or facilities as advertised
  • Provide visitors with complete details on prices, cancellation policies, fair exchange of Canadian dollars, and services at the time of purchase, and advise of changes in services products or costs if and when they occur

Members who have concerns are encouraged to contact the CEO. Formal complaints, whether regarding other members or Discover Saskatoon, must be submitted in written form.