Discover Saskatoon

Business Partnerships

We work collaboratively with partners from across Saskatoon to market our city in new, innovative, and exciting ways. 

Leveraging a variety of programs and services, Discover Saskatoon advocates for both our destination and our industry. Collaboration is vital to the success of our visitor economy as we work together to promote our city on a national and international stage.

Discover Saskatoon Benefits

What You Get

  • Connection to our network of local leaders and businesses
  • Industry advocacy and support
  • Marketing support and assistance
Discover Saskatoon Partnership

Areas of Focus

  • Support the delivery of strategic initiatives
  • Enhance the membership program
  • Create meaningful connections between Discover Saskatoon, our partners, members, and the wider community
  • Enhance the profile of our Visitor’s Centre in the community to increase member and partner referrals to both visitors and residents
  • Build and execute a comprehensive strategy to grow our membership base
  • Create local destination ambassadors through frontline staff training on #Saskatooning experiences
  • New and improved annual billing structure for our members