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Sustainability Champions

Our Sustainability Champions program recognizes outstanding commitment to environmentally friendly practices by individuals, organizations, and businesses in Saskatoon. 

These dedicated green-thinkers help protect the natural beauty of this land while reducing waste and inspiring future generations to embrace thoughtful stewardship of the earth.

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Nutrien Children's Festival of Saskatchewan

The Children's Festival of Saskatchewan has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to sustainability initiatives. Since 2016, their annual festival has adopted the following practices to reduce their environmental impact:

  • Bike Valet service to encourage emissions-free transport
  • Recycling containers throughout the site to reduce waste
  • Recycling caravan featuring family-friendly games and activities to promote recycling
  • Reducing single-use plastic water bottles in favour of refillable/reusable bottles
  • Reduction in disposable plastic flagging tape
  • Biodegradable/compostable PLA cutlery
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Saskatchewan Marathon

The Saskatchewan Marathon has adopted a host of sustainable practices to reduce waste at their event, including:

  • Recycling cups from all 13 on-course water stations
  • Providing participants with Virtual Event Bags to reduce material consumption and waste
  • Water refilling stations at the finish line to reduce demand for single-use plastic bottles
  • Online-only race booklet
  • Bike Valet service to encourage emissions-free transport
  • Environmentally conscious reassessment of signage needs, with stickers used to modify older signage rather than reprinting new signs
  • No-Styrofoam policy on site (since 2017)
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Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan has put sustainability top-of-mind in festival operations, with a host of environmentally conscious practices including:

  • Greater focus on digital communications over printed materials
  • Digitized internal communications
  • Digitized till system to replace paper receipts
  • Greater efforts to reduce waste and promote recycling wherever possible
  • Reusing old materials, including construction materials and event signage
  • Meetings related to the festival are held in-office in order to eliminate travel requirements; emphasis on walkable meeting locations and carpooling when necessary
  • Reuse of water on site to water flower beds, grass, trees, etc.
  • Policy of doing as little as possible to disturb the natural beauty of the festival grounds in consultation with the Meewasin Valley Authority
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Folkfest works with community partners such as SGI and the City of Saskatoon to encourage the following green practices:

  • Emphasis on public transit/city busses as transportation method of choice for 35,000+ festival goers
  • Recycling bins located throughout the festival grounds