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Mom's Kid-Free Staycation at the Holiday Inn Downtown!

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Posted By Bailie Knowles , December 06, 2023
Read all about my Staycation at the Holiday Inn Downtown, with out my kids!

Motherhood is a whirlwind of love, joy, and unending responsibilities. As moms, we cherish every moment with our children, but let's be honest, sometimes a break is a much-needed luxury. As a mom, it's easy to lose oneself in the constant juggle of caring for little ones, managing household chores, and maintaining a career. Picture this: a peaceful retreat in your city, free from the constant "Mom, I need..." or "Mom, look at this!" As a mom to four littles, I was needing a much-needed break. So, what did I do? I booked myself a Staycation weekend at the Holiday Inn Downtown! I thought this was the perfect hotel because I'm in the heart of downtown, close to all the fantastic restaurants and across the Midtown Plaza to shop; I had big plans being in the heart of downtown Saskatoon! 


On Friday night, I decided to hang out in my room and order room service. The Holiday Inn has a restaurant right in the hotel, The Hub, which is super convenient, and the menu has a variety of items to order. I ordered Chicken Alfredo and a Caesar Salad; it was delicious! It was a treat to eat a hot meal in peace and not have to cook! I, of course, ordered dessert and enjoyed it later in the evening. For the rest of the night, I enjoyed a hot bubble bath, binged some trash TV and played Mario (I brought my Nintendo along; what can I say? I'm a gamer!)


Saturday morning, I slept in. Oh, what a delight that was. I don't remember the last time I wasn't woken up to "I'm hungry, or can we watch TV." I enjoyed a coffee in bed while scrolling my phone (the room had a Keurig so that I could have unlimited coffee ?). I ordered room service again from The Hub to enjoy breakfast in bed. I had French toast, bacon, fruit, and a hot coffee (again... HOT!) Breakfast in bed was magical, especially with the large windows looking out onto downtown.


One of the best parts of my staycation was not having a schedule to follow. I decided to head to the pool and soak in the hot tub. The Holiday Inn has a pool, hot tub, and a gym. The hot tub was nice and deep, and the pool temperatures were perfect. I was lucky to have the pool to myself; what a way to relax! I peeked in the fitness centre, which has various equipment for everyone! 


After an afternoon of napping, gaming and relaxing, I decided to get dressed and head down to the bar for a drink and appetizer!  The Hub is available for in-dining for most meals of the day, and the bar, located right next to the restaurant, is open from late afternoon into the evening. I decided to have the Dill Pickle Caesar that features Lucky Bastard Dill Pickle Vodka! I love a good Caesar, and this one didn't disappoint. I ordered a glass of red wine with the Spinach Dip, which was tasty! The vibe of the bar hotel was very warm and inviting. The staff was extremely friendly, and I had excellent service (the entire hotel staff was super helpful and welcoming!) I spent the remainder of the evening in my room relaxing. I ordered a later supper; this time, I ordered pizza from Una Pizza. It was a great nightcap before I went to bed. 

Before I checked out on Sunday, I went down to The Hub for breakfast. They had a breakfast buffet, or you could order off the menu. The buffet had pancakes, an omelet station, hashbrowns, cereals and more! If you are in a hurry, they have a Hub Café and 24/7 Market to get coffee, quick breakfast, and snacks! 

Remember at the start of this blog when I said I would experience being at the heart of downtown? Well, once I started to relax, I couldn't bring myself to get out and about; it was just too cozy! But what I want to highlight about the hotel is how convenient of a spot it is for your trip to Saskatoon. The hotel is a prime location whether you attend a show at TCU Place or plan a shopping trip to Midtown, it is literally across the street! 


This staycation surpassed all my expectations, giving me precisely what I needed and more. As a mother, I strongly advocate indulging in a staycation—it's rejuvenating. If a staycation isn't feasible due to budget constraints or other reasons, consider planning an alternative. It's crucial for moms to prioritize self-care to nurture the best versions of themselves. Always remember, you're doing great as a mom!