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A "Berry" Helpful Guide to the Saskatoon Berries Baseball!

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Posted By Bailie Knowles , May 31, 2024
If you haven't heard, Saskatoon has a brand-new baseball team: the Saskatoon Berries! We haven't had a team since 2014, so this is exciting! 

If you haven't heard, Saskatoon has a brand-new baseball team: the Saskatoon Berries! We haven't had a team since 2014, so this is exciting! First off, how fun and perfect is that name? Did you know fans got the opportunity to vote, and the winning name was the Berries? I'm here to give you a rundown about attending a game, which is a must this year!



The Berries play at Carins Field, located at Gordie Howe Sports Complex. If you aren't familiar with Saskatoon, it is located on the city's southwest corner. I had only been there for football and track in the past, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but WOW, what a beautiful diamond they have. If you are coming in the summer and are into camping, be sure to book yourself into Gordie Howe Campground, which is in the same area, and you can walk to and from the game! 


There are different parking options when you arrive. Passholder parking is in the lot off Dudley Street. Fans must display their parking pass to gain entrance to this lot. (Lot opens at 6:00 PM.)  General parking for the public can be found down Avenue P, south of the Gordie Howe Kinsmen Arena.  

Photo: Saskatoon Berries Website

Fans can access the NexGen Patch at Cairns Field at our secondary entrance, located at the Bob Van Impe Stadium service road. Accessible vehicles (buses, vans, etc.) can drop off at the main entrance off Dudley Street. Vehicles can be parked in general parking for the remainder of the game until pick-up time. If you choose to bike, racks are available at the main entrance.

Food & Drink

Let's be honest, you can't go to a baseball game without snacks and drinks! Of course, they have classic baseball snacks like spitz, licorice, cotton candy, hotdogs, and ALL the goodies! I enjoyed a hotdog, and because it was my first professional baseball game, I needed to have Cracker Jacks, you know, from the song. The other unique item is a Saskatoon Berry Burger- it is topped with Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, pickles and Saskatoon berry aioli. I wasn't adventurous enough to try it, but I heard great things about it!

That was just food. They have a variety of drinks, including Miller Lite Beer, Coors Seltzers, Caesars, Pop, and more! However, keeping on the Berry theme, they partnered with 9Mile Brewing and created a Saskatoon Berry Beer, which I was dying to try! It is a great light beer that tastes delicious in the hot sun!


Saskatoon Berrie's home games are at 7:00 PM, except for Sunday & Holiday games, which start at 1:00 PM.  Be sure to get there early and enjoy the festivities within the park! Grab some snacks and a drink, take a photo with the cheerleaders and kids can enjoy Berryland, which offers face painting, games, and activities! 

Also, be sure to say Hi to Barry the Bear (who is # 3.14… which took me a second to remember that represents Pie in math. Do you get it? Barry 3.14= Barry Pie! It took me a second, too 😉). You can also purchase some merch, which is so fun and cute! I love the colours. (You can always pick up merch at The Fez as well!)


Getting Tickets

Tickets are available for sitting in the stands, or you can purchase general tickets where fans are welcome to stand along the fence on the first and third base line or grab a spot on the Leopold's Party Patio! 

Be sure to watch for foul balls coming from different directions (and make sure to bring your glove to try and catch the foul balls. Then turn them in for a free coupon for a slush from Saskatoon Co-op) The Berries have multiple home games this year, and for a general admission of $12, you need to go! Check out their full schedule here.

The Game!

As I mentioned, this was my first professional baseball game! I grew up playing ball and slow pitch as an adult, so I have a general understanding of the game, but for those who might not, they play nine innings. Both teams play in the field and bat. When the team is in the outfield, the objective is to stop runs (points) and get three outs. Once you get three outs, the teams switch!

During the inning changes, there is entertainment and interaction with the crowd, music, cheering and more. The Berry theme is strong and is incorporated in so many aspects, I love it! It has a great family atmosphere and is a lot of fun. Be sure to add it to your summer bucket list!

Go Berries Go!