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5 Dog-Friendly Patio Spots

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Posted By Bailie Knowles , July 10, 2024

I often write about family activities, sports, and other things in Saskatoon, but this blog is all about dogs! Yes, I have four kids, but we also have our sweet pup, Poppy. She is my fifth baby, and we love taking her with us out in Saskatoon! For all the other dog moms and dads, here are some Pet-Friendly places in Saskatoon!

1. Better Brother Brewing

Located in the heart of City Park, Better Brother Brewing is home to craft beer and root beer (which, if you haven’t tried, you must… and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like root beer!) Their patio is on the sidewalk and is a great place to visit with friends, do work or enjoy a nice drink. I met up with a friend and Poppy enjoyed meeting her new friend, Potates, they were such good pups! 

Better Brother does a great job making their atmosphere family-friendly and dog-friendly! They offer snacks, beer and, as I mentioned, root beer AND root beer floats; they are so yummy! Stop by with your pup next time you are in that area!

2. Cohen's Beer Republic

Another pet-friendly patio to visit is Cohen’s, situated in the Riversdale district, it is a great spot to take your puppy if you are strolling through the area. Poppy enjoyed a big bowl of water and TWO treats!! What a spoiled girl. The staff loved having her and welcomed her with a warm smile and many belly rubs!

 We enjoyed supper and a drink, and Poppy had a little nap. On Tuesdays, they have a Rink Burger and Beer special that hits the spot; Cohen’s has a great menu with a variety of drinks, a fun kids menu and there is something for everyone!


3. Shelter Brewing Company

It isn’t summer without stopping at Shelter Brewing! Their Mexican-themed delicious food and beer make it a great place to stop with your pup! Located downtown, be sure to stop in after walking down by the river, checking out the local shops downtown, or meeting up with a group of friends; it is an inviting environment for all! 

 As I mentioned, their food is SO good (their tacos are to die for and are only $3.50 apiece), and they have a variety of beers on tap. My kids ask to go to that restaurant with "the good chips and salsa and tacos" all the time! Although Poppy wanted a taco (her nose was working hard), she enjoyed a big bowl of water, lots of petting and a couple of pieces of chicken that I “dropped!” I can’t wait to go back to Shelter again😊 

4. Junior Café

I love taking Poppy out and about, and I gravitate to Broadway (it’s one of my favourite neighbourhoods!) Junior Café is a great spot to work, meet for a coffee date or read a book. You do have to go into the café to order, but your dog is allowed in with you, and the ladies at the front told me they love having furry visitors! 

 I go there to work quite a bit, but I decided to take my evening without the kids and head there with Poppy and my book. I enjoyed the patio with an iced coffee. It was magical and so peaceful. Poppy got so much attention from all the sidewalk traffic; she also loved it! (Oh ya, I highly recommend their cinnamon buns; they are so delicious!)

5. Prairie Sun Brewery

Prairie Sun Brewery is also located on Broadway and their patio is one of my favourites, and Poppy has been there multiple times! My husband and I like to go there for an afternoon beer in the summer (with or without the kids), and Poppy always comes along to hang out on their Pet-Friendly Patio. 

They have many local beers on tap from Saskatoon and places around Saskatchewan. They also have a full menu with many tasty treats (the mac salad is my favourite!) Poppy enjoyed her big bowl of ice water, chewing on the ice cubes and a couple of fries I shared with her!

These are some of our favourite places we like to go with our sweet girl! You can also check out a few other patios in the city, like City Perk Café, Leopolds Tavern, Odla, Hudson’s, and Stumbletown Distilling to name a few. You can also read about other Pet-Friendly places to hang out here for you next trip. What patio are you going to visit with your pup next time?