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Spoooooky Saskatoon

Posted By Darby Sutherland , December 21, 2023
It is the spooky season; the best time of year to share the unexplained!

We scoured the internet, talked to strangers, and trusted our instincts to bring you this list of 3 spoooooooky places in Saskatoon!

The University of Saskatchewan

 The University of Saskatchewan was established in 1907. That means it has over 100 years of stories, stressed out students, and mysteries. One of my favourite buildings on campus is the Thorvaldson building. It was designed in 1913 and has all the old-world charm you could hope for… and all the spirits. 

When they were first putting in the elevator in the Thorvaldson building a janitor was so excited by the new technology he brought his family to work to show it off. They got to be one of the first groups to ride in the new elevator when suddenly the cord snapped. The family plummeted to their death. Legend has it the janitor still wanders the hall of that building. 

If you want more stories like this, check out the Diefenbaker Centre! They host ghost tours every October!

Western Development Museum


The Western Development Museum (WDM) is a must-visit when you come to Saskatoon! One of it’s most popular exhibits is Boomtown, a reconstruction of a typical Saskatchewan town of the early 1900s. You can walk into stores, a dental office and other buildings. A great many artifacts live inside the walls of the WDM and some of them have brought “friends” with them. 

One such spirit is the Lady in Red. One evening, after the Boomtown lights were out and the street was dark the catering staff were doing their closing duties around the café when they looked up and saw a woman in a red vintage dress looking at them through the window that faces boomtown. I am told they have never closed quicker then they did that day.

 The Lady in Red isn’t the only spirit who resides there. Glasses have been mysteriously stacked in the event halls and one employee claimed he walked in on a woman in the changing room at the photo booth who mysteriously disappeared.

 People who are sensitive to the paranormal say that there are many spirits in the WDM and many of them are children. The children’s spirits mainly reside in Boomtown and are so happy when other kids come and play with them.


The WDM throws an annual Halloween event perfect for families called Boo Town. There is a chance for kids to win candy, explore Boomtown, and bring joy to the children’s spirits.

Glitchy's Oddities


Glitchy’s Oddities is housed in the backroom of Glitch Gifts and Novelties on 33rd street. The museum has a ton of very spooky things including a cast of a real bigfoot footprint discovered in 1976 near the Skeena River Terrance in British Columbia, Canada and then there’s Sophie the Doll. Sophie the Doll has a horrid and twisted origin story (on a plaque at in museum if you’re curious) and there have been reports of strange occurrences happening in her presence. She is currently safely locked up, but that does not stop the staff of Glitchy’s Oddities from hearing strange noises. 

Saskatoon is absolutely Spooktacular! What is your favourite Saskatoon Ghost story?! 

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