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Lituations and the Trifecta Concert Series

Lituations and the Trifecta Concert Series

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Posted By JJ Bottineau , April 18, 2017
As a twenty-something-year-old in Saskatoon, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to do recreationally after the sun goes down. I mean: even the local go-to spots around town tend to fall

As a twenty-something-year-old in Saskatoon, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to do recreationally after the sun goes down. I mean: even the local go-to spots around town tend to fall victim to complacency. So when an event like Trifecta partners with Lituations and takes over Flint — twice in the span of a month, no less — you know it’s going to be a good time.

But first, what is Trifecta? And what about Lituations?


Trifecta is a Regina-based arts and music festival created to promote and market the burgeoning creative culture here in Saskatchewan. While Trifecta started as a festival, it has since evolved into the Trifecta Artist Collective wherein events like the Concert Series can connect Saskatoon and Regina’s arts and music communities quite seamlessly.

Lituations is a DJ night hosted by Saskatoon’s very own, TEFRONDON (Ron Baldoza), who spins every last Wednesday of the month at Flint on 2nd Avenue. The event itself is self-described as a place for: “modern rap, classic hip-hop, R&B, future bounce, alternative rock, funk and soul” — in essence, it's proverbially lit.

Images courtesy of TEFRONDON

So without a doubt, it really is special when these two components come together in the form of Trifecta’s Concert Series. It really shines a light on the crazy amount of talented individuals we have in Saskatoon, Regina and Saskatchewan altogether.

What's more: everything has been getting documented by local photographers, Athirdtime (Jon Chan) and Taylor Ross-Robinson. Check out their interview with Jordan Baraniecki of One to Ten here.

FEBRUARY 22ND — Unfortunately, I missed this one. However, the first show of the series featured singer, LOA; rappers, The WrongKrowd; and DJs, TEFRONDON and vbnd. Testimonies from those in attendance later explained to me that it was packed. The music was on point and the crowd was positive and receptive to everyone who performed. TEFRONDON never misses a beat and always puts on a great set with a variety of contemporary sounds; while WrongKrowd’s lyricism and energy really are contagious and fun. It’s no surprise the crowd turned into a mosh pit. My failure to attend is a little disappointing considering I managed to — once again — miss LOA’s performance and producer/DJ vbnd’s set. I’ve always heard good things but I really messed up by missing out. Given the chance, check them out if you can. Here’s why:

MARCH 29TH — Fortunately, I managed to attend the second show that featured hip-hop groups WEARELABRATS and DGS Samurai Champs. TEFRONDON opened and closed the night with a DJ set again. Playing anything from rap, grunge, electronic to dancehall and much more — anyone can thoroughly enjoy one of his sets.

Similar to the WrongKrowd, I haven’t heard too much of WEARELABRATS but they really got the crowd moving. Their raps are technically dexterous and the relationship between the two is captivating. They released an album back in January and have been growing off that ever since.

And last but not least: DGS Samurai Champs. Consisting of Merv xx Gotti and Jeah, they're another group that have been on the come up in every sense of the word. Whether it be traveling to Hamburg to participate in the Reeperbahn Festival, heading to Canadian Music Week in Toronto, opening for T.I., performing at Trifecta, or being featured in Noisey and Exclaim, DGS Samurai Champs have been making moves. Their live show is indicative of all of these things as well. That's because their recorded music translates beautifully into a live environment and their recent EP Crayons has received a great response from friends, fans and critics alike. If you were at any of these past shows, you would have seen the riot these two often times create.

All in all, it's amazing to see how much love and support these acts from Saskatchewan are getting. So the next time you find yourself indecisive and unsure of where to go, check and see if anyone's performing. Maybe we'll see you at the next show.


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ps. Special shout-out to DGS Samurai Champs and LOA who are currently on tour with support from TEFRONDON, VBRTR, vbnd and Walt J!