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5 Saskatoon Sweet Spots for Photographers

5 Saskatoon Sweet Spots for Photographers

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Posted By Chris Sikorsky , May 07, 2021
Saskatoon is one giant playground for photographers. Nature enthusiast? Check out Meewasin Trail. Interested in city life? Our walkable downtown core has you covered. New to photography and just want

Saskatoon is one giant playground for photographers. Nature enthusiast? Check out Meewasin Trail. Interested in city life? Our walkable downtown core has you covered. New to photography and just want to experiment in open shade? The Forestry Farm is perfect for this. Whatever your goals or skill level, there are opportunities in Saskatoon to take some really great photos.

My name is Chris Sikorsky, co-owner and lead photographer at Sik Pics Productions. Sik Pics has been voted ‘Saskatoon’s Best Photographer’ for the last 3 years in a row by Planet S Magazine. Speaking from experience, we are happy to share some location tips with our community. Sik Pics typically shoots commercial work, events, and weddings, with the majority of our work featuring people, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on today. With that, here are 5 Saskatoon Sweet Spots as well as a couple of my photos from each location.


#1 University of Saskatchewan

The U of S is one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada. It’s a treasure in the heart of our city and makes for a fantastic location for photographers. The historic architecture produces great looks all year round. I have shot on campus in minus 40 degrees Celsius as well as plus 40 degrees Celsius. It’s walkable and has never been quieter due to online learning. There is plenty of open space as well as some less travelled hidden gems. Campus produces endless opportunities so location scouting and some experimenting is key. Start in the bowl and go from there. Oh and don’t forget to plug the parking meters!

U of S wedding photo

U of S wedding party


#2 Cranberry Flats

Our province is known for being incredibly flat, and though that is true for the most part, Cranberry Flats actually produce some small rolling hills. This coupled with our incredible Saskatoon sunsets, can produce larger than life images. Additionally, there is plenty of space to work with and even a trail down to the river bank. Just remember to be safe around the water. The well-being of your client or subject should always be number one.

Cranberry Flats engagement photo

Cranberry Flats sunset


#3 Downtown YXE

The downtown district gives photographers a contrasting look from the U of S and Cranberry Flats. Personality, art, and the energy of Saskatoon really shines throughout the downtown core. The Delta Hotel by Marriott Bessborough is probably the most photographed structure in Saskatoon, and for good reason. Test your compositional skills and try to find the most flattering angle for this historic landmark. Watch for graffiti art, light and shadow, and everything else that comes along with street photography. After your photo walk, you’re well-positioned to enjoy supper or a patio drink to celebrate your shoot.

Bess wedding photo

Red Bus engagment photo


#4 Meewasin Trail

The natural beauty that is found on Meewasin Trail makes these paths very attractive to photographers. My personal favourite is shooting from the east side of the river bank back towards the city skyline. You may ask “what lens should I use?”. That will depend on what you’re hoping to capture but whether it’s big wides or tight portraits, Meewasin Trail is great for a variety of focal lengths. If you’re lucky enough to live or visit Saskatoon, you have access to the South Saskatchewan River and the River Valley. Make the most of it!

Meewasin engagment photo

Meewasin wedding photo


#5 Forestry Farm

For beginner shooters, the Forestry Farm is going to be your friend. The developed trees produce lots of options for soft, open shade and also helps shelter your subjects from the wind. If you can’t produce decent photos here, you might want to try disc golf or a different hobby. But seriously, the Forestry Farm is a perfect spot for some experimentation. Be sure to research the park’s pricing and schedule ahead of time.

Forestry Farm wedding photo

Forestry Farm wedding party

Saskatoon has produced backdrops for my photography and videography for the last decade. Some of these photos attached feature advanced techniques such as off-camera flash, but regardless of your skill level or gear, these Saskatoon treasures provide the space for photographers to get out and shoot and hopefully grow as an artist. Try new things. Make mistakes. Attempt a long exposure or reflection off the water and see what you can come up with that’s outside of your comfort zone. Most of all, have fun out there and happy shooting!