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Sunday Bliss - Yoga, Brunch & Sauna

Event Sunday, May 12, 2024
Time 11:00am - 2:30pm

Treat yourself to a blissed-out Sunday experience. Leave your worries and your “to-do” list behind. You’ll leave refreshed and invigorated!

This half-day retreat is an opportunity to come home to your body and connect to the land, our shared home. Expect to dive deep into the wisdom of your body. Together, we will learn how to listen to our unique body’s needs and whispers for care while remembering our connection to nature’s healing properties.

The busy-ness of modern life has a way of over-taxing our nervous system, putting us into a near constant state of fight-or-flight. Human beings are not designed to live this way for extended periods of time. The good news is that there are many accessible ways to move into a more calm and peaceful way of being.

The Blissful Sunday experience is all about slowing down, embracing stillness and quiet. Magical things happen when we’re able to shut down the conscious mind and access a tranquil state of pure awareness. We will move through a gentle embodied yoga practice and an intentional brunch, followed by the Nordic cycle (hot-cold-rest-repeat) in Luna, our wood-fired sauna, with plenty of time to integrate it all. You’re encouraged to bring a journal if you enjoy writing.

Brunch Box
Date: Sun, May 12 2024


Location: Blackstrap Provincial Park
Time: 11:00am - 2:30pm
Price: $149 CAD + tax/person
Phone: 3062918181