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Quest for the Best: Doughnuts in Saskatoon

Quest for the Best: Doughnuts in Saskatoon

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Posted By Christine Booth , May 21, 2021
Whether you love a good ol classic donut or enjoy unique flavours like cookies and cream, Saskatoon has the donut for you!

Join me as I go on a quest for the 5 best places in Saskatoon for donuts.

1. Darkside Donuts

darkside donuts

If you are looking for luxury donuts with flavours like blueberry streusel or KitKat well then Darkside Donuts is the place for you! What is so special about Darkside besides their unique flavours is that they are sourdough brioche-based donuts making them oh so flavourful! Hot tip: After you pick up your donut, head on over to Venn Coffee and grab yourself a hot drink to pair with your treat while exploring Downtown!

2. Calories

donuts from calories

Usually known for their cakes, Calories on Broadway has dived into the donut world recently and we are sure glad they did! Their sourdough-based donuts are made with natural colours and flavours with local ingredients and are available Fridays and Saturdays with different features each week. Grab a donut and take a stroll through the Broadway district. Feel free to follow our Artsy Guide to Broadway Avenue for inspiration.

3. Hometown Diner/ Junior Café

junior cafe donut

This go-to brunch spot is much more than just a coffee/ breakfast spot as they are also known for having incredible donuts that are made daily at their three locations. Enjoy a weekend brunch on Riversdale at Hometown Diner then get a donut to go for a little afternoon treat.

4. Nutana Bakery

nutana baking

Looking for the classic flavours? Then head over to Nutana Bakery also located on Broadway. This family-owned and operated bakery has been around since 1951 and for good reason! They offer an assortment of baking but what you must try is one of their delectable donuts!

5. Nestors Bakery

nestors donut

Like Nutana Bakery, Nestors also offers an array of goodies when it comes to baking including donuts! This Riversdale spot is known for their long-johns with different flavours to choose from including the classic chocolate with sprinkles to a vanilla coconut long-john, I am sucker for the vanilla with sprinkles myself!

You really can’t get enough when it comes to donuts in Saskatoon as there is truly something for everyone so next time you got a craving, check out one or maybe all (hey I am not judging) and enjoy!